The NEW FDA-Approved Solution to END Chronic Knee Pain Without Surgery or Steroids.

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Dr. John Paulson
Violet Kamendi
Nurse Practitioner
Surgery, Knee Replacements, Steroids, and Prescription Drugs are NOT REQUIRED In Finding Relief From Knee Pain. A NON-SURGICAL SOLUTION Is Now Available!
This Proven Non-Surgical Solution Is Helping Knee Pain Suffers:
The Proof Is In Our Patients
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5-Star Patient Reviews
Ivan K.
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Outstanding service at Elite Health Care Center. Staff is very personable, professional and very Efficient. The location is central. There is multiplicity of diversity in all areas among the staff. My treatment has been ABSOLUTELY EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT. I can now move around, run and climb stairs without any challenge. GREAT PLACE!!!
Olga-Jean G.
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Elite Health Care Center is the best. Before I went there I could not walk on my own. I could not walk up stairs and had to be lifted even at a seating position. After a few week of receiving treatment at this place i don't need help waking or moving around anymore. And my treatment isn't even over yet. The staff is outstanding. Great team! good people! Nestride provides outstanding customers service.I would recommend Elite Health Care Center to every one. They take care of your pain and treat you like family. Great place!!!
Agnes S.
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I started a year ago. I was feeling terrible. I could hardly walk. Sitting down and bending over was very painful for me. Since my treatments at Elite Healthcare I would rate my level of improvement an 8 out 10. I feel much better than I did before. I have recommended quite a bit of people and still spreading the word. I am able to sleep better at night. Going up and stairs is not as difficult to do as before. I am driving better and much more. The staff is wonderful. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this practice and what they have done. Violet, Bianca and John are my favorites. I give Elite Healthcare Center a 5 star rating and would recommend this treatment to anyone. Thank you!
Sheron P.
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This place is the best. My treatment has worked like I did not expect. Elite health Care Center has saved me from having a knee surgery. I am so grateful I found them. The icing on the cake is that their staff is outstanding. Thank you Elite!!!
Micheal J.
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Elite Health Care Center is a great place. I get better each time I go in. The staff is friendly especially Nestride. They care about me as a patient and even call to remind me of my appointments. I see significant improvement in my health. I would highly recommend it to EVERYONE.
Judy C.
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When I first came Elite to two weeks ago I was in a very painful condition. My left knee would lock and I was in a lot of pain. If I sat down too long my knees would get stiff. And I would have to wait until it could get better for me to walk again. After my first treatment at Elite, I regained full mobility. I have not walked this long in a long time. I suffered for a very long time before I got to Elite Health Care Center. I managed my pain with opioids until I almost got addicted. I am thankful to Elite that I feel this better in three years. They have done in a short time what other doctors were unable to do in years.
Russell S.
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I felt relief from day one, and it kept getting better and better. At this point I forget my walking cane and don't even realize it. The best is that I have not even finished my treatment yet. At this rate I will get my work ticket and go back to work.. Thank you for the quality of your service Elite, all the tean members are fantastic. Thank God God for this place
Kathy O.
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Oh My goodness!!! Elite Health Care is wonderful. The staff is caring and petient. Violet is wonderful. I have had 9 shots without any pain. I highly recommend EHCC.