*Clinical studies shown 92.7% of patients saw a significant reduction in pain after treatments.

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Dr. Avram Weinberg
“It is amazing to see so many people regaining their mobility and independence after receiving our treatments. The entire staff takes great pride in helping our patients in living pain-free lives.”
Key Benefits
Independent Clinical Study

A study was conducted on 384 subjects who received our knee treatments. The age range was between 43 to 93 years old. The gender distribution consisted of 182 (47.4%) females and 202 (52.6%) males. The phenomenal results are as follows:

  • 92.7% achieved 50% or greater decrease in pain.
  • 7.29% had less than 50% pain decrease.
  • Only 1 (<0.3%) had no pain decrease
  • The average percentage of decrease in pain was 76.98%. 
The condition of your knees, the treatment plan created for you, and how much your insurance provider covers all play a role determining any out of pocket cost. Most patients with Medicare and a secondary insurance pay nothing!

No! Cortisone shots may reduce pain, but it only masks the symptoms of knee pain and could come with dangerous side effects. Our treatments have been proven 100% safe and have no known negative side effects.

Yes! Most of our patients have been told they need knee surgery. Our non-surgical approach has helped thousands of people to live pain-free and regain full function of their knees without surgery.
Absolutely! We understand how hard it can be to live an active and healthy lifestyle when you are suffering from knee pain. Our treatment plans are custom tailored to target each patient’s specific needs.
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"After watching my father's complications from a bad knee surgery, I desperately searched for a safe non-surgical method to relieve his pain in the other knee. I discovered a patented treatment technique that has helped thousands of individuals who were suffering from pain like my father. Elite Healthcare Center started with one goal in mind. To help as many people as possible that are suffering from osteoarthritis knee pain by only using safe, non-surgical treatments."
Avram Weinberg
CEO, Elite Healthcare Center