There is a safe, non-surgical FDA cleared treatment now available locally that has been proven to effectively reduce and even eliminate knee pain … and the best part is
It’s Covered by Most Insurance Including Medicare.
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Clearly arthritis and knee pain have already reached epidemic proportions in the United States. If you have lost hope or been told that surgery is your only option?

There is now a new revolutionary non-surgical knee pain treatment that is providing hope and relief for many knee pain sufferers that is offered locally.

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“My knee feels great”. I was a bit skeptical when I first read about the program in the paper but from the moment I walked through the door I knew that this program was going to be different. The entire atmosphere from the attitude of the staff to the office itself put me at ease. I had already had a total knee replacement and wanted to try something rather than go through another painful surgery. After completing the program my initial impression was correct. I can now dance again which I have not done in years, and my lifestyle is on its way back to normal. Thank you!
Gloria S.

I was experiencing some pain and stiffness in both my knees. My primary doctor prescribed naproxin and said that I was a good candidate for knee replacement surgery. Not long after that I heard about a new FDA APPROVED, NON-SURGICAL treatment for Osteoarthritis that is also covered by most insurance and specially Medicare.

The therapists were very patient and encouraging and after a short time I was able to see a marked improvement in my posture and in the way I walked. After the injections and therapy I can honestly say I’m in better shape than ever. I am so grateful I found this alternative! My quality of life has been restored.

Elizabeth B.

So there you have it, Surgery is no longer your only option, hope does exist, and this NEW NON-SURGICAL KNEE PAIN TREATMENT is FDA approved and Covered by Most Insurance Including Medicare!

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