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Surgery, Knee Replacements, Steroids, and Prescription Drugs are NOT REQUIRED In Finding Relief From Knee Pain. A NON-SURGICAL SOLUTION Is Now Available!
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Dale M.
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I had a part injury that has caused pain in my lower back and issues down my left leg. My job requires a lot of lifting which was making the problem worse. I had to leave early from work many days due to the pain. After treatment with Dr. Stuckey my life is much better. I can walk much longer and can again do some physical activities without being in pain. I would very much recommend this treatment for anyone with similar problems. I have already done so and will continue to do so. Dr. Stuckey is a great Chiropractor. I have gone to others before coming to Spinal Wellness Center and none of the others have helped me as much as Dr. Stuckey. Thank you so much!
Anne Marie D.
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I use to have chronic back pain for years and had seen another chiropractor for 5 years before coming to see Dr. Stuckey. The other chiropractor was able to help my neck pain, but not my mid back pain. The right side of my mid back was in constant pain all of the time. After going through my spinal decompression treatments I now have little to no pain and am walking straighter because of my better posture. When I go home from my nursing job I no longer feel in agony as I did before. I would definitely recommend spinal decompression to anyone suffering from disc problems. I am so glad I decided to take a chance on this program. I have had so much improvement these past 3 months. It gives me hope for the future!
Trevor T.
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When I came to Dr. Stuckey I was in bad shape. I could only work for 3 or 4 hours a day. When it was time to get up in the morning I had to have someone help me up or roll on my side and push myself out of bed. The pain got so bad I could not stand or sit or walk my dog. The pain was going down both legs. One leg was longer than the other. I would not go any where that was too far from home. There were times I could not drive any further and had to pull over and wait for someone to come and get me. I did not know what I was going to do. Spinal decompression I had heard of it and was willing to do anything. It really works! After 5or 6 treatments I was feeling better and my pain went from an 8-9 down to a 0-1. Now I feel like new and am doing exercises and stuff I could not do before. Thanks Dr. Stuckey!
Karen M.
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Before treatment on the DRX9000 I had severe lower back pain by just doing everyday lifting, vacuuming, cutting the lawn etc. The feeling I experienced while on the DRX9000 for the first treatment was great. After the treatments I would have a cool sensation feeling in my lower back. A few times, I had minimal soreness in my lower back, nothing a cold pack couldn’t take care of. After my treatments on the DRX9000, my back feels 100% better than it has felt in years. I can cut my entire lawn, do my house work, and help out at work without my back bothering me like it did before. I would recommend the DRX9000 to anyone with back pain. I had a couple of treatments before I found out how great it was and soon I was giving information about the DRX9000 to my coworkers and family. The DRX9000 is well worth the money to be able to do the things I love and need to do in life.
John M.
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I had pain in my lower back and it was hard to stand up straight. I felt relaxed while I was on the machine and after each treatment I felt a little better and better. I feel a lot better now after completing my treatments! I would definitely recommend others give decompression a try because it really helped me!
Lori B.
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In November I was diagnosed with a herniated disk in my low back. I also had pain shooting down the side of my left leg and my thigh was numb. I could barely stand. I was in pain from walking and could not get comfortable sleep in my bed. I decided to give decompression a try and could feel the improvements week by week. I was comfortable on the machine and usually slept during the treatment. After going through the DRX9000 treatment I feel great with only a minor pain in my left leg that continues to improve. I am starting to continue my normal lifestyle again. I would recommend others give decompression a try before surgery.
Marianne B.
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I’ve had a herniated disk for the last three years which progressively got worse and affected my back, hips, and shoulders. It would even hurt to sneeze or cough. When having a treatment the apparatus you wear feels like you should be skydiving instead! The decompression treatments themselves felt like a mild tugging on my lower half, which released the pressure. The treatments were a relaxing 45 minutes. After going through the DRX9000 therapy I feel fabulous! It feels great to be able to sleep throughout the night and sneeze without severe pain. I would absolutely recommend this treatment to others with similar back problems. I’ve been to sports and physical therapists, acupuncturists, masseuses, etc. My last resort was surgery. After talking to people who went through back surgery – they say you actually only have a 50/50 chance to be pain free and it takes forever to recover. With the DRX I avoided an invasive surgery as well as a long recovery period. I went to work right after every DRX session. It was great. Why wait? It is much less expensive than surgery, less invasive and you’re back to work that day.
Rodolfo O.
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My name is Rodolfo and I am 57 years old. I have been doing carpentry work for 37 years. My work, and the few extra pounds I carry, gave me back pain 24 hours a day. My doctor told me that I had spinal compression. I was glad when I heard about a spinal decompression treatment using the DRX 9000 machine. I wasted no time making an appointment with Dr. Troy Stuckey. My first treatment was on Friday, and by the next week I was able to sleep with less pain. I looked forward to the treatments because they are relaxing continued.. and painless. Following each treatment, Dr. Stuckey’s adjustments on my back were excellent. After completing my treatment, I feel great. I am able to go to work without any back pain at all. For me, I have gotten my life back. I can do what I love, carpentry, the work I have been doing for 37 years. I am happy and excited to recommend this decompression treatment to anyone with this type of back pain- and have been doing that even before completing all my treatments! I would like to thank Dr. Troy Stuckey for helping me and giving me my life back. A happy man.