The NEW FDA-Approved Solution to END Chronic Knee Pain Without Surgery or Steroids.

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Dr. Lon David Lynn
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Surgery, Knee Replacements, Steroids, and Prescription Drugs are NOT REQUIRED In Finding Relief From Knee Pain. A NON-SURGICAL SOLUTION Is Now Available!
This Proven Non-Surgical Solution Is Helping Knee Pain Suffers:
There’s No Need To Live In Pain!
Our breakthrough FDA-approved non-surgical treatment protocol is helping patients delay or even outright avoid knee replacement surgeries without opioids and steroids. Our top-rated team of specialists replenishes the lost fluid in the knee joints, addressing the core cause of clinical knee pain. 
We leverage revolutionary imaging technology that ensures 100% accuracy in injected materials and also pair this series with advanced knee bracing and physical therapy. 
This no-risk treatment protocol is helping our patients achieve an 80-90%+ reduction in symptoms, and most of our patients experience a reduction in pain immediately after their first treatment. 
Real Reviews From Real Patients.

Lee McCall, Tampa, FL – “I decided to come in and give this a try, and boy, am I glad I did! The staff is great; if every office was like this, everyone would love coming to the doctor. You will not have any knee problems if you start coming here; if your knees have been hurting for a long time like mine have, you can solve your problem by coming here.”

Cesar Centeno, Tampa, FL – “I’ve had knee pain for years, and years, and years, and so far, my legs are getting better. I wasn’t getting any results from my previous doctor. I used to go skydiving, drag racing, and swimming, and this treatment is going to put me back on track to do those things again. I could barely walk; I was limping all the time. My pain is going away, and yesterday I had no pain. I see a lot of promise! I love it here and the staff treats me like family.”

Billy Moore, Odessa, FL – “Anyone who has had knee problems, this is the place to go. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else and the staff is wonderful to work with!”

Cecelia Marlin, Odessa, FL – “If you have knee problems, do not get a knee replacement surgery or artificial knee – this is the place to come to!”

William Sefekar, Tampa, FL – “The people here have been very comforting, just like family. It’s been a very positive, very caring experience and you’ll find that this is a very effective treatment. It was also fortunate that this was covered under my Medicare plan.”

Erna Black, Lutz, FL – “I didn’t want to get another knee replacement and wanted to try something different; knee replacement was simply not a good experience. This treatment is worth a try; surgery is just awful!”

Ervin – “If you have problems with your knees, you’ve got to try Nexus Heals. If you have the option of having your knees back to normal without sfryer, you’ve got to do it.”

Hope – “All of the staff is wonderful and very caring, and one needs that when you’re going through this kind of pain. I recommend that you give this a try; you will feel better!”

Sam Smathers, Tampa, FL – “The things that I had previously done for my knee pain didn’t help much. They gave me temporary relief, but it got so bad that I had to start carrying a cane. I’m currently able to begin excersiging lightly again thanks to this treatment, and I would strongly recommend it. 

The Proof Is In Our Patients
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5-Star Patient Reviews
Eldon Hershberger
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I was in Florida on vacation and had heard about the Nexus Heals clinic from a friend. The friend said how much their treatment plan worked so well for knees I thought I would try it. I’m glad I did. After three out of the five week treatment my knee is feeling much better. I also particularly like the knee brace. I was able to go to Disney World for the whole day wearing the knee brace after the second treatment. I would not have been able to do that before then. I’d also like to mention how great the entire staff is! They made it fun. Heidi is a magician with that needle - no pain at all!! And Sue was the perfect assistant. Wish all offices were so well run!!
Rene Hoy
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The Nexus Heals OA clinic was great. I immediately noticed how clean the office was and how everyone from staff to other patients were in a good mood and laughing when I walked in! And the staff really cared about me and my outcome. One of the things I loved was how they used imaging to make sure the medication going into my knee was going into the right place. Overall, if you have knee pain, I highly recommend going to Nexus Heals.
Melissa Posey
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Their use of guided imaging contributes to the overall healing by getting the medicine in the correct place in the knee. Such a great option to have financing to cover the balance that insurance doesn’t cover!!! Overall, a very caring staff and environment!
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